Q: When is the best time to come check out the gym?

A: Weekday’s after 5pm.


Q: Can I try things out before I commit to a membership?

A: Yes, we allow prospective members a complimentary 1 week trial.


Q: How many people does the family package cover?

A: The family package covers up to 4 people in a single household.


Q: What type of classes/frequency does the family package cover?

A: Unlimited access to all classes for family package members.


Q: Do you offer discounts if I pay for several months up front?

A: Yes, we offer a 5% discount when paying for 6 months in full and a 10% discount when paying for 12 

months in full.


Q: How much are memberships/classes?



Q: I am visiting from out of town. Can I drop in on a class?

A: Yes! We require a $10 drop-in fee and all gym policies must be followed.


Q: Are there any hidden fees (i.e. maintenance, etc.)?

A: No. We are not a big box gym. We are community oriented gym and we do not believe in using fishy 

contracts with hidden fees.


Q: What equipment will I need?

A: For Muay Thai, suggested equipment are gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, mouth guard, head gear, 

and a cup for males. For KOmbat Fitness only gloves are needed. A Gi will be needed if you are training 

in Jiu-Jitsu (unless you will only train no-Gi).


Q: Where can I purchase the equipment I need for classes?

A: We carry equipment in house at Vision MMA. Check our Zen Planner retail page or talk to an instructor for more 



Q: How much will needed equipment cost?

A: For Muay Thai, the suggested equipment above can be purchased for around $100 total. Gloves for 

KOmbat Fitness can be purchased for ~$45. Inquire with a Jiu Jitsu instructor regarding Gi pricing/purchase.